Remote Receptionists for your Business

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overwhelmed receptionist

Are you a small business owner? Are you excited that business has picked up for you but feeling overwhelmed with the phone always ringing and voicemail always full? There never seems to be enough hours in a day to get all your actual work finished! Have you thought about hiring someone part time, or even full time to help out your workload?

Hiring your first employee can be stressful in itself. First you have to post an ad, then sort through the hundreds of resumes and hope to find one that is a good and qualified candidate for your company. Westside Secretarial Service has been in your shoes. We can tell you from experience one job listing yielded over 100 applicants in just 24 hours, with the majority not qualified for the job. You're already overwhelmed; when are you supposed to even find time to find then interview those candidate?

Some new business owners aren't aware that their $12/hr employee ends up costing much more than that! Now they are having to pay FICA taxes for that employee above and beyond that wage. What if your new employee gets injured at work? (But they're only answering phones you say.) A slip and fall on your premises could open you up to a potential liability. Do you have a workers comp policy now to cover it?

Westside Secretarial Service is the perfect solution to help your growing business. We aren't your ordinary phone answering service. We have a small close-knit staff that are dedicated to answering your phones, interacting with your customers, scheduling if needed, and most importantly communicating with you.

Westside Secretarial's telephone answering services start at just $300 per month. That's only around $1.75 per hour for an ADDITIONAL 3+ people answering your phone during normal business hours. You don't have to worry about being an employer now, you can focus on what's most important to you, running YOUR business! Give us a call today! we'd love to see how we can help your business grow; and when you're ready we're here to help your small business out with some of our other services such as Bookkeeping, Payroll, and other Secretarial tasks.